Our Story

The estate has been created through years of struggle and constitutes ιts owner's life's work.

The continuous support of friends and the twenty years of the family's efforts have started to show the first rewarding pieces of this “kingdom”.

Everything here has been developed based on a story, which could be true, inside the creator's fantasy, who dreamt of this from a young age.

The estate, which is located in the first “hill” of the mountain range Dikti, at first glance looks like a puzzle and the landscape looks that way by nature.

Using simple, complicated and state of the art building techniques the estate is built utilizing recycled materials such as stone, wood, old windows and doors, barrels, car parts, old motorcycles, bikes, old tiles and many more giving the estate a creative and original form.

Here many plants have taken root from the native Cretan flora to ancient plants, blackberries, numerous herbs to goji berry and sea buckthorn.

Beloved animals are also bred here, ranging from a donkey, a horse and ponies to native breeds of small animals.

Due to the limitless biodiversity, the “bird kingdom” thrives, while their singing becomes a concert, an hymn of the sky.

And so, this magnificent estate invites you to share its premises with you, make you question the way of modern life and sensitize you towards the traditional way of life, the traditional cuisine and show you the use of “insignificant” objects and the importance of teamwork.

Here you can also enjoy traditional Greek coffee heated up in the sand and local sweets.

Let the scent lead you to our grand wood oven that brings to mind fresh bread, olives, baked potatoes, roasted beef and pork, souvlaki and many more. To remind the elders of tradition and to sensitize the young towards the native Cretan cuisine.

We accept and welcome guests, teams, seminars and events with unique hospitality.

To organize gatherings, school trips, events and seminars we are open every day of the week only after negotiations!

You will find us in the second kilometre of the provincial street Ierapetra – Makrulia

Contact us in : 28420-25515 and for cell phones : 6978489932

Best Wishes! Vion Vasilion